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Save and grow your money in foreign currencies such as Dollars.

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Preserve the value of your money

One of the key elements in wealth management is preserving (and growing) the value of your savings. In simple terms, this means not losing value on your savings. Saving in foreign currencies like Dollars helps to hedge against that.

Preserve and grow your money

Beat currency devaluation and inflation rates by saving in Dollars.
  • Diversify your savingsHaving different types of savings and investments helps you reach your goals faster, and can protect you against risk and volatility.
  • Withdraw anytimeYou can withdraw or transfer to another user at anytime.
  • Earn interestEarn up to 5% p/a paid monthly

2,000,000+ customers

Since launching in 2016, over 2,000,000 people have used PiggyVest to manage their money better, avoid over-spending and be more accountable

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