Ezinne B

Hi lovelies, my name is Ezinne, I came to know about piggy vest from a very close friend of mine, whom I narrated how am not able to save up money to build my business and also invest, so she advised me to try using Piggyvest, at first I was scared, but I took a bold step one faithful day, that was the best decision I made for myself, after downloading it from play store, I registered, that was how I said bye-bye to having nothing to show at the end of every year, I joined several saving groups, I became conscious of how I spend money.h I enrolled for My BSC in an open university, Do you know that before the time to pay my school fees, I had already saved up for that, all thanks to Piggyvest. I created a saving target, named Save more than you spend. This is the mentality I gained from my 3years of using this saving platform, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to do, and work towards it. I am glad to announce that piggy vest is one of my secrets to poverty libration.

Saturday, 27th of January 2024 by 00:51 AM
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