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The Better Way To Save & Invest

PiggyVest helps you achieve financial freedom by enabling you save responsibly and invest on the go.

Earn 10% - 13% interests on savings.
Earn over 25% return on investments.

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Your Security is our Priority
PiggyVest uses the highest levels of Internet Security, and it is secured by 256 bits SSL security encryption to ensure that your information is completely protected from fraud.

Save smartly & responsibly!

PiggyVest helps you reach your savings target much faster with various savings types. Plus you can even team up with others to reach joint goals.

Enjoy quarterly savings

Join over 100,000 users that use our quarterly savings feature called "PiggyBank" to reach their general/personal savings goals more quickly.

Reach multiple targets

Set and reach multiple saving goals you set using our "Target Savings" feature, you can save for holidays, fees or even special events.

Lock funds away

Use our "SafeLock" feature to lock funds away so you don't have access until your set date. You also earn over 13% p.a.

Invest in bits & on the go!

Many investments are expensive, which makes it hard to get started. At PiggyVest, you too can invest in tiny & affordable chunks and still enjoy the same return rates in amazing opportunities.

Co-invest in opportunities

Join other PiggyVest users to co-invest in guaranteed fixed income investments & other amazing projects.

Decide on what to invest

You have complete control on the type of investments you want to engage. All opportunities are pre-vetted by PiggyVest.

Watch your portfolio grow

Easily monitor the progress of your investments from your PiggyVest dashboard.

Meet Sam - The saver of the month

Every month, we shine a spotlight on one saver, asking them questions about their savings culture and how the product is specifically helping them shape how they spend and save for future responsibilities.

Meet Sam

Recently verified customer stories/feedback


"Since I found out about PiggyVest, all my financial problems became a minor issue to me. Savings is the key to financial stability."Posted on Monday, 13th of May 2019 by 12:59 PM


"I learned a lot of lessons growing up, but financial discipline was one that always evaded me. I recently started reading books on how to build wealth and turn my fortunes around. Every book talked about saving a part of your monthly income, and more"Posted on Monday, 13th of May 2019 by 12:36 PM


"PiggyVest helped me start my personal finance journey. I pleasantly get surprised each time I see how much i've saved up."Posted on Monday, 13th of May 2019 by 12:13 PM


"Piggyvest has helped to control my spendings, I was able to save for my wedding, car and rent. Now I am saving for a vacation!! Thanks Piggyvest!!"Posted on Monday, 13th of May 2019 by 10:13 AM


"Piggyvest has helped me save in many ways. There is a plan for all my needs. Thank you piggyvest! You are near perfection. I would keep referring people with or without the bonuses."Posted on Monday, 13th of May 2019 by 00:40 AM


"This platform has really helped me to focus on my future goals of financial freedom. Thank you PiggyVest!"Posted on Monday, 13th of May 2019 by 00:27 AM

Over ₦1,000,000,000 securely saved every month.

PiggyVest uses bank-level security measures to keep your data safe. PiggyVest users save & invest well over a billion every single month, and they are just getting started.

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