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What is SafeLock™ in PiggyVest?

PiggyVest SafeLock™ feature allows you put an amount of money aside from your normal PiggyVest savings without having any access to it for a fixed period time you set. Think of it like your own customized fixed deposit account.

The SafeLock™ feature is one step further in curbing the temptation to touch money that you have put aside as your savings. You can choose to lock all or parts of your PiggyVest savings for any duration between 10 and 1000 days.

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How To SafeLock™ on PiggyVest

Open the SafeLock™ Page

Enter Amount, Title & Return Day

Confirm That You Agree To The Terms

Amount Will Be Moved To Your SafeLock™

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Recent Stories That Contain SafeLock™

Stories of happy savers who mentioned SafeLock™ in their testimonies.


"Piggybank has helped me in the area of saving instead of spending my money, finally I have gotten a platform that gives interest on deposit. I am rest assured of a specific interest on any money I safelock. Thanks to PiggyBank."Posted on Monday, 11th of February 2019 by 16:54 PM


"I used to spend excessively without saving until i heard of piggybank. It's nice having your money tucked away in the safelock and watching it grow. Their auto save is a sure deal. Thank you piggybank! You are the best!"Posted on Monday, 11th of February 2019 by 14:09 PM


"I am glad I found this platform, I am excited for the satisfaction of being able to save. I feel a true devotion for the autosave feature and the safe lock feature is just so great."Posted on Sunday, 10th of February 2019 by 02:34 AM


"Piggybank has helped me to save unconsciously and there are many yummy goodies I have enjoyed every month, apart from the interest on my core savings and safelock e.g. Piggypoints have been a lifesaver many times and the 'emergency funds' more"Posted on Saturday, 9th of February 2019 by 07:51 AM


"Before I joined this great platform, I didn’t have savings and even if I had, I would spend it without remorse. Now, piggybank safelock gives me the opportunity to own something I can call savings and prepare me for future expenses."Posted on Friday, 8th of February 2019 by 08:56 AM


"I had a bit of a problem and kept spending money on food. Then I saw the piggybank app on Twitter and I was like oh well let me try saving money. They have the safelock feature where you lock in the money and can't spend it until the specific more"Posted on Tuesday, 5th of February 2019 by 22:33 PM


"I learnt about piggybank from a colleague at work and I have started saving towards a project in April using the safelock feature so i do not get tempted to spend or use the money."Posted on Tuesday, 5th of February 2019 by 20:35 PM


"Imagine earning money for half a year, and still not able to rent an apartment of yours, due to the fact that every month end, family and friends remember that you are a worker. They suddenly come with their problems. But with the piggybank more"Posted on Tuesday, 5th of February 2019 by 13:36 PM


"Ever since i joined piggybank, I have been able to settle my bills promptly and I don't borrow money from friends again in cases of emergencies. Presently I'm on safelock feature, saving my money for the next 3 years for my business. So what are more"Posted on Tuesday, 5th of February 2019 by 00:09 AM


"I came to know about through a friend's status on whatapp. I chatted him up and he told me he had saved on Piggybank for the past two years and it had really helped him save. I also decided to give it a try and I am impressed. more"Posted on Monday, 4th of February 2019 by 22:06 PM

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