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What is SafeLock™ in PiggyVest?

PiggyVest SafeLock™ feature allows you put an amount of money aside from your normal PiggyVest savings without having any access to it for a fixed period time you set. Think of it like your own customized fixed deposit account.

The SafeLock™ feature is one step further in curbing the temptation to touch money that you have put aside as your savings. You can choose to lock all or parts of your PiggyVest savings for any duration between 10 and 1000 days.

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How To SafeLock™ on PiggyVest

Open the SafeLock™ Page

Enter Amount, Title & Return Day

Confirm That You Agree To The Terms

Amount Will Be Moved To Your SafeLock™

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Recent stories about safelock™


"I wish I knew about Piggyvest earlier. I can quickly, easily, safely and conveniently save money in the comfort of my home without ever visiting a bank. I also earn a very high-interest rate on my account when I use the safe lock and fix my more"Posted on Thursday, 22nd of August 2019 by 21:49 PM


"Piggyvest has helped me save in a unique way especially with the safelock and the various investment platforms."Posted on Tuesday, 20th of August 2019 by 13:08 PM


"Piggyvest really helped me when I was broke, I got my safe lock fund when I was actually left with nothing. Thanks, piggyvest, wax stronger for us!"Posted on Monday, 19th of August 2019 by 16:36 PM


"Piggyvest is making saving reliably easy for me. It embraces the digital world which is the reality of today. Regular savings, safe lock, target savings among other amazing features. Saving doesn't come easier than this. Thank you PiggyVest."Posted on Sunday, 18th of August 2019 by 01:02 AM


"When I started out Piggyvest, I was gunning for a goal to go on a trip that’s very important to my future. What I did was any money I got, I save first before spending. Money goes to Piggyvest then next to safe lock. I was doing that for a more"Posted on Saturday, 17th of August 2019 by 19:56 PM


"Since I came across piggyvest, my effort at savings is been rewarded. Now I am sure of saving uninterruptedly because of its automated and safe lock feature. I recommend piggyvest to anyone in search of automated saving. Thanks, piggyvest!"Posted on Saturday, 17th of August 2019 by 04:35 AM


"Piggyvest has helped me to enjoy saving consistently. The safe lock option especially helps me to save and not splurge when I get an extra income."Posted on Wednesday, 14th of August 2019 by 18:17 PM


"With the autosave, I save even when I don't feel like and if I'm making a withdrawal non-free withdrawal day, the charges would discourage you from it. The safe lock is amazing because you can use for short and long term goals and they all come more"Posted on Tuesday, 13th of August 2019 by 22:43 PM


"Piggyvest has helped me to get better at saving my money. The best part is the saving target features which allows me to focus on the goals I intend to achieve by putting away money temporarily. I also love the safe lock features because it helps more"Posted on Tuesday, 13th of August 2019 by 12:15 PM


"I am one who doesn't like saving until a close friend of mine introduced me to PiggyVest. So I tried it and I used the safe lock account now I have saved enough for Christmas expenses. All thanks to PiggyVest."Posted on Tuesday, 13th of August 2019 by 12:02 PM

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