Flex Naira

Flexible Savings

Flexible savings for life's emergencies. Free transfers and withdrawals. Earn up to 8% p.a.

Be better prepared for emergencies.

Building an emergency fund helps hedge against life’s risks and can help reduce frivolous spending.

Free transfers and withdrawals

Withdraw or transfer anytime you need to.

Manage your money

Organise, separate, name and categorise your emergency funds with Labels in Flex Naira.

Earn interest

We believe that every money you have saved should be earning you interests, even if it's an emergency fund.

Stay prepared for life's emergencies

Give your emergency funds a boost! We know that emergencies can happen anytime. Building an emergency fund in Flex Naira helps you to stay ahead, so you can avoid borrowing or extra financial burden when there is a crisis. Best of all, you earn interests.