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To give everyone the power to better manage & grow their finances.

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A Short Story!

PiggyVest is the first online “Savings & Investment” app in West Africa. We first launched as “” on the 7th of January 2016 as a savings-only platform. For 3 years, we offered only savings to our users. Then in April of 2019 we rebranded to “PiggyVest” and began offering direct investment opportunities to users in addition to savings. 4 years on, we have continued to deliver excellent service to our 1,000,000 users and counting, helping them manage their finances with simplicity and transparency. Combined, our users save & invest billions of Naira every month that they would have instead spent. PiggyVest is on a mission 'to give everyone the power to better manage & grow their finances', and we intend to be the best at this. From all of us at Piggyvest, thank you ❤️

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